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How to Identify Authentic Black Soap: 6 Essential Steps

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6 Steps to Authentic African Black Soap

When searching for authentic African Black Soap, both the source and quality matter. At Pigmented Beauty, we prioritize both aspects. In crafting our Pigmented Beauty Liquid African Black Soap, we collaborate with local artisans and utilize 95% locally farmed and sourced natural ingredients. The nourishing honey featured in our Hydrating and Even Tone Wash is sourced from farms in Northern Nigeria, and we cultivate our lemongrass in-house. Each bottle of Liquid African Black Soap by Pigmented Beauty encapsulates an authentic story shared by the women from rural communities with whom we collaborate.
Read on to learn about the different ways to identify authentic black soap, some will suprise you!
6 Steps to Authentic African Black Soap
Genuine African black soap contains natural ingredients such as plantain skin, cocoa pods, and palm tree leaves. Our Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap in liquid form preserves these traditional components and enriches them with the rejuvenating properties of honey and lemon for hydrating even skin tone. The brightening wash comes with lemon and lavender essential oils for moisturizing and brightening benefits.
Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap comes in a liquid form and it maintains the essence of its solid counterpart. While it may not have the rough texture of solid soap, its color mirrors the deep hues of dark brown to black, and you can trust that it retains the same rich composition.
True to the roots of the African Black Soap, Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap in liquid form doesn't contain synthetic fragrances or artificial additives. Instead, it boasts a natural, earthy scent that pays homage to the African landscapes from which it draws inspiration.


Whenever possible, make sure to purchase from brands that work directly with local artisans, like Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap. Doing so ensures you promote sustainability and support of the local artisans behind the African Black Soap.


In adherence to our commitment to quality and ethical standards, we proudly hold the NAFDAC certificate, validating the authenticity and excellence of Pigmented African Beauty Black Soap in liquid form. Stay informed about this certification as we continue to maintain it.


Our product proudly shares its origin, adhering to the transparency that authentic black soap deserves. It comes from the rich heritage of Nigeria, where the art of black soap-making has thrived for generations.


Research and Education: Take the time to research and educate yourself about African Black Soap. Understanding its unique blend of natural ingredients, its benefits for your skin, and how it's traditionally crafted will empower you to make informed choices for your skincare routine.
Read Product Labels: When you choose our Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap, you're selecting a product crafted with care. Always read our product labels and descriptions carefully. Look for authentic and natural ingredients like potash and palm-kernel oil
Check the Source: Trust in the quality of our Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap by choosing products from reputable sources. Our African Black Soap is proudly made in Nigeria, where the art of black soap production has deep roots and a rich history.


Avoid Artificial Additives: Unlike many other products on the market, Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap contains no artificial fragrances, colors, or additives. We believe in the natural power of our soap, which exhibits a distinctive earthy scent and color, showcasing its authenticity.
Test for Allergies: If you have sensitive skin or allergies, we recommend conducting a patch test before introducing our Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap into your skincare routine. This precaution ensures you won't experience any adverse reactions, allowing you to fully enjoy its benefits.
Avoid Extremely Low Prices: Quality is our priority. Be cautious of products with significantly lower prices, as they may not match the quality and authenticity of African Black Soap. We're committed to offering you a premium product.


Ask for Recommendations: Discover the effectiveness of Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap through the recommendations of satisfied users. Friends, family, and online communities can provide valuable insights based on their experiences.
Understand Different Varieties: Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap comes in various varieties, each tailored to specific skincare needs. Understand the type of African black soap you're purchasing and its intended use, ensuring you get the most out of our products.
Store Properly: Safeguard the integrity of our Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap by storing it in a cool, arid environment, shielded from direct exposure to sunlight. This precaution guarantees its potency.


Use Sparingly: African black soap is highly potent, so a little goes a long way. You don't need to use a large amount to experience its deep-cleansing and exfoliating benefits, making it a cost-effective choice for pigmented skin care.
Be Patient: If you're new to using Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap, give your skin time to adjust. Results may not be immediate, but consistency in your skincare routine will reveal the full potential of our product, helping you achieve pigmented beauty.
With Pigmented Beauty African Black Soap, you have a powerful ally in your journey to achieve radiant pigmented beauty.
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